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RE: NFC: Fish names

I agree with the "pet peeve" issue.  I can see though why they might call
it a "rainbow" dace.  If you've ever truly seen a male C. lutrensis in
full breeding splendor, they really are spectacular!


On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, chuckmiro wrote:

> > I hear you on the "pet" peeve thing. One of my favorites in the fish
> > trade is giving red shiners (Cyprinella lutrensis) the common name
> > "Asiatic fire barb" or "rainbow dace". It does not do American
> > fishes justice. True, the red shiner has had a bad impact in some
> > places, but there's no point in naming it something totally bogus.
> > Just because a handful of Asian breeders rear this fish does not
> > make it Asian. Nor is it a dace and certainly not a barb! And only
> > by a significant stretch of the imagination is it the color
> > of fire. Now how's that for confusion?!
> Oh, that solves the mystery! Just this morning I was reading an article on
> coldwater fishes in a British publication (Practical Fishkeeping). They kept
> talking about a rainbow dace and even had pictures. I couldn't remember ever
> seeing a dace listed as a rainbow dace and was mystified.
> Chuck