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Re: NFC: Auction Update

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, robert a rice wrote:

> AUCTION STARTS 1/19/2001 8 am EST and ends 1/25/2001 5 PM EST
> Box 2:  20 mixed NC shiners (small colorful species only).  May include
> rosefin/pinewoods shiner (ardens/matutinus), crescent shiner (cerasinus),
> redlip shiner (chilitcus), greenhead shiner (chlorocephalus), and/or
> mountain redbelly dace (oreas).   (Winner can request preferred species).
> These are all Piedmont "warmwater" species, so you don't need a chiller
> or cool
> basement.  Can tolerate up to 28 C (82 F), or even higher for short
> periods. Will eat flakes, frozen, duckweed, anything.   Bid plus postage.
> Gerald Pottern: GBPottern at aol_com

I will bid $20.00 on this item.

Luke McClurg