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NFC: Fw: Jan 24 SICK Appelate Court Hearing on Land Use

River Lovers,
    Bill Ogle and John Rimes will present their arguments against the use
land just three miles from the Ichetucknee River for a cement kiln in 
Tallahassee at 9 AM, January 24.  Since this is a federal court, no
are allowed.  Appropriate dress is business style.  No protests will be 
welcomed inside the court room.  
    Regardless of the outcome, Bill Ogle has pledged to take the case to
Florida Supreme Court.

    I think it appropriate to congratulate Jeb Bush on his decision to 
allocate significant funds to "restoring the springs."  In addition, Jeb
has provided significant funds to begin restoration of the Oklawaha
Despite past decisions which we may have opposed, appreciation is in
for good decisions.  I suggest that river lovers write a note of thanks
the Governor and to Secretary Struhs.  People react positively to 
    Jeb at jeb_org    and     david.struhs at dep_state.fl.us

    The Ichetucknee Mobilization group presented a splendid festival on 
Martin Luther King Day at the beautiful Suwannee County farm of John
The day was beautiful, entertainment was superb, and the culminating
march was joined by three significant people: The Suwannee County 
Under-sheriff, Les Hall, danced at the entrance of S/A; Bill Ogle
applause for his pro bono efforts as SICK lawyer; Suwannee County 
Commissioner Randy Hatch participated.
    What is the purpose of such a festival?  Over three hundred people 
attended, making contact with other environmentalists.  Coalitions must
formed.  The President of the Green Party came, as well as people from
over Florida.  Awareness was raised for the upcoming January 24 appeal in
federal court. 
    Ichetucknee Mobilization rejuvenated the efforts to Stop Ichetucknee 
Cement Kiln.  Thanks to all of them.
Virginia Seacrist
SICK, Chairperson