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NFC: Marine Land Commits 150 tank setups for the Adopt A Tank Program.

Well just got off the Phone with Marineland and they are now the NFC's
biggest corp. sponsor . They have as the headlines indicates donated a
LOT of equipment. Current Adopt A Tank members may contact me off list to
apply for equipment.Look for a press release and some changes to the
Adopt A Tank site within a week.

Members will have access to Marinlands 12 gallon acylic tanks with a one
piece filter/hood.

20 Gallon hood/filter one piece combos

All off the marineland filters and supplies.

Working with the Adopt A Tank administrators we will on a case by case
basis evaluate the needs of each project and supply accordingly. 

Thanks to Dave Schlesser for sending Marineland our way.

Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy