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Re: NFC: light bulbs and tannins

charcoal for the tannin but it will eventually go away as your
driftwood ages.

I would calculate on the 75 watts

Gary Rollwage
Arlington, Tx.

>From: "Scott D. Goett" <sdgoett at ufl_edu>
>Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
>To: nfc at actwin_com
>Subject: NFC: light bulbs and tannins
>Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:59:14 -0500
>I have 2 questions I was hoping you guys might be able to help me
>One is about those twisty fluorescent bulbs that
>are said to have the brightness of a 75 watt buld but only use 20
>watts.  My question is when you are calculation the watts per gallon,
>which number do you use?  Are those bad bulbs to use?
>Second question: I have some very yellow tanks from the tannins in the
>drigtwood I have in my tanks (I have plecos).  I am assuming these
>tannins block the light since they make the tanks look a lot darker.
>Does anyone have any ideas about getting rid of the tannins or being
>able to have plants survive and get enough light in such a tank?

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