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RE: NFC: listbot or egroups...

I vote for a plain-text mailing list myself. It's a lot faster with my old
14.4 modem when downloading plain text. 

It doesn't matter who hosts the mailing list, as far as I am concerned.
But, it should be reliable and supported full-time (with apologies to
Hedemark, but, he did say that if things break, then it would be difficult
to fix in a short time. And, the NFC money is better spent on conservation
rather than computers).

Perhaps, Robert or Joshua could share with us what problems they are
having with actwin.com so that we get to the source of this discussion. 

I know someone who runs a Data Center. I have my personal web page and one
mailing list hosted there. If you need a reliable service provider for a
mailing list, I can recommend them.


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