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RE: NFC: Marineland Sposors the NFC !!!

I have wheels that have been running for 6 years.  The secret is - don't
screw with them!  They also don't have to turn fast- just turn some.  10 rpm
is plenty.  They just need to be kept wet.  This is especially true in an
established tank.  Also do not CLEAN them.  Kills all the bacteria.  In
reality there is almost no reason to replace a wheel.  Used to work for
Marineland and this is what the company says.

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Yep---it all comes down to the wheel eventually---mine lasted about
a year but then no matter what I tried---it came down to replacing
the wheel.

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>The biowheels rarely need replacing -- you can always try the bearings
>first -- they cost about 4$ from your pet store.
>If that fails, just replace the wheel, based on filter, tehy range from
>7-12$, give or take, based on where you are. :)

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