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Re: NFC: Marineland Bio-wheels

I must be having all the luck in the world with the wheels I have working.
Yes, once I had to run one under hot water to clean it, but I also added
more filtration to that tank that day( another Bio-wheel system too). And
yes you can mess up a wheel by letting not roll for awhile and the growth
will make it lop sided. In the years that I have used M.L. bio-wheels, I've
only bought one replacement. I have gone out and got the little blue
bearings or end caps to replace some when needed. I have seven in use now,
four more just placed in the bottom of running tanks to prime them for
future tanks, ( After I have one out of service for awhile I just throw it
into a tank of similar water which I plan to set-up to get some good growth
started.), and about four more not in use and sitting in one of my surprise
boxes of STUFF in the storage area.   JiM C.

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> Yep---it all comes down to the wheel eventually---mine lasted about
> a year but then no matter what I tried---it came down to replacing
> the wheel.
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> >The biowheels rarely need replacing -- you can always try the bearings
> >first -- they cost about 4$ from your pet store.
> >If that fails, just replace the wheel, based on filter, tehy range from
> >7-12$, give or take, based on where you are. :)
> >Joshua.
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