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RE: NFC: PoP Eye help

I have had some experience with POP EYE... (haven't we all?)

Symptom Causes :  Wounds, Swelling from Blood, Swelling from
bacterial/viral infection, undetermined swelling (muscles, eye tissue,
within the eye itself), other reasons I don't know about :)

What caused POP EYE to occur:  As mentioned in several posts:  water
quality, population, fighting, general physiology of fish, outside
contaminant, something affecting either an individual fish or a tank
full. NOTE:  Normally water quality problems result in full spectrum
problems with general population of organisms in the tank... like

Results (varied):  limited ability, dementia, increased likelihood of
contagion (bacterial/viral infection), increased likely hood of damage
(because the eye is extended), secondary infections, weakening of
fish, and death.  NOTE:  I've had fish live several years with POP EYE
and some species are born that way :).

Cures/Potential cures:  Most medicines for bacteria/viral infections,
will work if the proper treatment dosage is done.  Just because
they've listed on their product so much per gallon...

There are several good books on dosage requirements, check the library
if you can't find any in a search of the web.  Books on Aquaculture
are a good source.   Of course, the stuff presented in these books are
normally what the author has tried with results..

#1 Treating a show tank is not recommended.  Even though, a number of
fish may be infected, it is always better to swab a show tank out.. if
it needs disinfecting.  Individual fish are treated better by dipping
or isolation with as gentile a hand as possible,  using a container as
a capture device instead of a net- impractical on big specimens, but
great for smaller specimens.   A quarantine tank is always a good idea
to isolate a fish or several.

#2  Sometimes the dosage is appropriate for a gallon measurement, but
needs follow-up work (sometimes in the directions) redosing, or
special requirements (such as removing the charcoal.)  Other times, in
curing an infection, it is so severe it requires more than one
treatment program or multiples...

#3  Sometimes the cure does not relieve the pressure anyway because
the eye has compensated for the stretch... literally growing out...

#4  Antibiotics will not cure cancer, or other physiological -
physical problems like internal bleeding.  Although they may stave off
secondary bacterial infections.

#5  I've found surgery (pin sized puncture around eye socket, or
through side of eye socket) to have mixed results in relieving
pressure.  Several times it has worked.. in conjunction with
antibacterial treatment (although I don't know if this helped).
Results from these have been whitish ooze, blood, or clear
liquid...several times nothing came out (did I go deep enough?  Was
the infection further in?)  Several times, after examining fish
postmortem, I've found no signs of what I would call regular bacterial
infection... I have found Swollen tissue, growths, and bacterial "PUS"
in different specimens.... I've never found a parasite causing pop eye
(but that doesn't mean it can't happen.)


Like many diseases or results of some physical outside cause, the cure
is really dependent on the cause.  I've have successfully cured
general bacterial infections using myacin, myacin II, furanozone,
tetracycline, malachite green (rare), methylene blue, salt, and
formalin to name a few.  I've also lost fish too.  Unfortunately, when
a problem becomes evident such as dropsy or pop eye, fin rot, and many
other symptoms, the problem has been going on with a particular fish
for a while.....I am by no means an expert, but have found some of the
above to be repeatable in curing the symptom of POP EYE.

Sweet Pea

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I have never been able to reverse it or cure it.  I believe it
is a result of kidneys going bad or other internal organs with an
infection.  ButI have had some fish in a tank get it and others seem
to be
immune. I would love to find more information on it.  I researched it
quite awhile and your right---alot of medicines promise but don't
deliver. I swear my water quality was good but most of the time I have
had it on new fish.

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