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NFC: Re: Another Filter/Aquarium Question

> Are undergravel filters a necessity?

No.  In fact, in some tanks they don't work at all.  Many cichlids and some
centrarchids will rearrange their tanks, exposing the UGF plate and
rendering it useless.

But where it can be used,  I think it is an economical and natural way to
help keep the water clean.

> In large tanks can you get away with
> just a gravity fed wet/dry system that just pumps the water back in the
> tank?

In reef tank designs this is the preferred method by many.  No UGF at all.
If there is ANY substrate, maybe a little living sand.  Many public aquaria
use this method as well for all but the smallest of displays.

> My concern is areas of stagnant water that an undergravel filter would

This is a common concern and the way around it with the tank design that you
propose is to strategically place powerheads in the tank, hanging loose,
such that they promote flow in the areas that would otherwise be dead spots.

> I plan on running the return line down the length of the hood and drop the
> water back in at the other end of the tank.

How about capping the PVC and drilling small holes in it the length of the
hood so that the water is evenly distributed throughout the tank?

Please let us know as you get the photos up, as this sounds like an
interesting project.

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