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Re: NFC: Another Filter/Aquarium Question

How large a tank? You could easily do both. There is
no contraindications on using both.
--- Larry Needham <LBN at satx_rr.com> wrote:
> Are undergravel filters a necessity?  In large tanks
> can you get away with
> just a gravity fed wet/dry system that just pumps
> the water back in the
> tank?  I'm designing and building a tank and stand
> that is enclosed at one
> end so it can stick out in the middle of a room. 
> I'm running a pvc elbow in
> near the top of the tank at the enclosed end that
> will run down to the
> wet/dry.
> My concern is areas of stagnant water that an
> undergravel filter would cure.
> I plan on running the return line down the length of
> the hood and drop the
> water back in at the other end of the tank.  I'm
> also debating to instead,
> run the pvc return line down into the tank and
> direct it from the bottom to
> flow away from the enclosed end.  Any input on
> this...anyone?
> I using a Rio 3100 pump which will output about 500
> gallons/hr at 5 feet of
> height ($50 on ebay).  Should I go bigger than one
> inch tubing from inside
> the tank to the wet / dry for that?  Will 500 g/h
> overflow the tank with
> just a one inch escape?
> Any and all input is greatly appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Larry
> BTW:  I just bought two 4'x8' sheet's of plexi for
> under $250 total.  It's
> enough to make a 6 x 2.5 x 1.5 ~ 170 gallon tank and
> I'll be left with two
> 4' x 2' sheets (front and back of a 100 gallon
> tank).  I'm making my own
> Wet/dry filter out of 1/4" ($36 in materials minus
> bio-balls).  I'll put
> pictures of the project and process on a web page
> when it's done if anyone
> is interested.

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