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Re: NFC: Aquariums

You could always make a concrete tank.  Use concrete framing and use the
plexi for "portals".  You have less viewing area but can hit some obscenely
huge capacities.  Obviously these things need to be built right on the
foundation of your home or garage so it is a basement project.  But imagine
having a 1,000 gallon tank.

I have a 135 gallon tank and really I've been disappointed.  The dimensions
are all wrong for having a nice sized community.  The tank is too tall so
the surface area / volume ratio is poor.  Not enough territory for each
fish.  And truely BIG fishes can't turn around.  I had some gorgeous red
belly pacus that I had to euthanize because they got too big for the tank.
I'd like to try that again with a concrete tank.

There is some good info on constructing concrete tanks if you look around on
the web.  google.com is my favorite search engine.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> First...does anyone know how aquarium volume is actually determined?  The
> tank I'm working on, outside dimensions (72"L x 30"H x 18"D) yield a 168 ~
> 170 gallon aquarium.  The inside dimensions (71" x 28" x 17") give ~145
> gallons.  That almost 25 gallons of glass if you not compensating for the
> 1/2" the bottom is raised.
> I HAD planned on making my ~150 (inside dimensions) a ~200 Gallon tank by
> making it 6 inches larger front to back by replacing the end pieces and
> bottom.  This was going to run about $200 so I said screw it...and I even
> looked into thinner glass for the bottom.  So anyway, I found some great
> info tonight.  I talked to a guy tonight at a commercial plastics plant on
> the phone, he said they sell 4' x 8' sheets of Plexiglas 3/4" thick for
> $250!  You could make a brand new 240 Gallon tank 8 foot long tank for
> with plenty of spare material to reinforce the top.  He said the 1/2" is
> much cheaper but I'd imagine a tank over 6 foot would be pushing the
> limitations of 1/2" plexi.  More to come on that :)
> Now, before I get to excited I'll have to see how much work/money the
> process will entail.
> Happy Holidays,
> Larry