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NFC: Re: Fw: Urgent: Arctic National Widlife Refuge

No Way!

We're going to get the oil from somewhere.  No matter where you do it there
will be damage.  We live on one earth.  Alaska is as foreign to me as the
Middle East.  But I'll bet the Americans drill "cleaner" than the arabs.

Besides, every time the Sierra club gets one of these stupid things through,
I have one less place to enjoy nature because my 4x4 or my ATV aren't
allowed to pass.

Bush is probably our best hope for balanced equal access to the environment.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> Time is of the essence with this ..
> It only takes 30 seconds to send an e-mail to the President
> (president at whitehouse_gov) asking him to designate ANWR as
> a National Monument.
> Sen. Frank Murkowski had a column in Sunday's Outlook Section
> of The Washington Post, calling for opening up the glorious
> Arctic wildlife area to oil exploration.  Bush also mentioned
> on NPR earlier this week that this will be one of his first
> priorities.
> Even though Clinton is president for only a few more weeks,
> he can still  designate the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
> to be a National Monument  which would forever protect that
> pristine wilderness from oil drilling and  other commercial
> development. Bush has already stated that he will turn the
> Refuge over to big oil even though drilling in ANWAR will
> only provide about 6 months of the oil demand of the US
> anyway.  Clinton is on his way out and is sympathetic to
> this cause and has already protected more wildlands than
> any president since Teddy Roosevelt.
> All he needs is a push from the public.
> Call the White House hotline at (202)456-1111 (press "0"
> when prompted) from 8:30-5:00 EST and tell the comments-line
> operator that you want President Clinton to declare the
> Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to be a National Monument
> as the last great environmental act of his presidency.
> This one action may result in the protection of more animals
> than almost anything else you can do.
> You may also send the president an email at:
> president at whitehouse_gov.
> Your message or phone call may simply say:
> Mr. President, As the last environmental act of your presidency,
> I am asking you to please designate the Arctic National Wildlife
> efuge to be a National Monument. Please culminate your presidency
> with this great environmental legacy.