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Re: NFC: Aquariums

First...does anyone know how aquarium volume is actually determined?  The
tank I'm working on, outside dimensions (72"L x 30"H x 18"D) yield a 168 ~
170 gallon aquarium.  The inside dimensions (71" x 28" x 17") give ~145
gallons.  That almost 25 gallons of glass if you not compensating for the 1
1/2" the bottom is raised.

I HAD planned on making my ~150 (inside dimensions) a ~200 Gallon tank by
making it 6 inches larger front to back by replacing the end pieces and
bottom.  This was going to run about $200 so I said screw it...and I even
looked into thinner glass for the bottom.  So anyway, I found some great
info tonight.  I talked to a guy tonight at a commercial plastics plant on
the phone, he said they sell 4' x 8' sheets of Plexiglas 3/4" thick for
$250!  You could make a brand new 240 Gallon tank 8 foot long tank for $500
with plenty of spare material to reinforce the top.  He said the 1/2" is
much cheaper but I'd imagine a tank over 6 foot would be pushing the
limitations of 1/2" plexi.  More to come on that :)

Now, before I get to excited I'll have to see how much work/money the fusing
process will entail.

Happy Holidays,