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NFC: Pictures of boxed aquatic items, aquariums, AATP, collecting, putting a tanks together...your native fish in a tank :)

Let the NFC use your PICS!   If you have AATP pics or such (as mentioned
above,) we would like them on our NFC site, or to use them in promotional

I have very few new ones.  I am currently looking at the archives and
articles, but I want new!  Member aquariums, breeding fish, collecting
trips, library shots with an AATP tank in it... those kind of things would
be nice.

Please mail them to me(they will be returned,) or scan them and email them
to the below email addy, or use your new Christmas present! - digital

Sajjad is on the AATP Page..(pics from Ty with another couple pics I'll be
using soon)
http://www.nativefish.org/Kids/adoptatank.html down around the middle of the
page.. check him out, he looks great there :)!



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