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NFC: Re: Fish shockers

Go check out a place called Information Unlimited they have all kinda
plans.... electronic stuff and they do have a fish shocker tested and ready
to go. Inexpensive compared to the big time commercial models, they also
sell the plans as well.....

http://www.amazing1.com/   Homepage

http://www.amazing1.com/  Fish stunner page


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Sent: Monday, December 25, 2000 12:19 AM
Subject: NFC: Fish shockers

>     I almost went collecting this past weekend with a guy with a fish
> and scientific permit, but it was too cold.  It got me thinking about fish
> shockers though.  Would one of these devices be a useful tool for my home
> ponds?  For instance, could I keep both warm water and local fish in my
> ponds, then quickly and easily pull the warm water fish out in October
> without draining the pond?
>     Also, could a person rid a shallow pond, say 1000 sq. feet, of
> to restock with something else or just leave to the amphibians?  If one
> get all of the fish with a few episodes of shocking, it might be less
> disturbing to the pond than poison.  I suppose rotenone would be the
> of choice, but I would have to do reseach on what else it kills, how
> expensive it is, and if it is even available to me.
>     If a shocker would be useful to me, can anyone tell me how to get
> to build one?  I might not even need plans if someone can tell me what
> voltage they run at and how many amps I need to be able to deliver.  I
> no active sites after a search for "fish shockers".
>     NOTE- I realize these devices are illegal for use on waters subject to
> fishing regulations.  I would use it only on my own and my parent's farm
> ponds.
>     Thanks for any input.
>     Pierre Gagne
>     Kensington, MD

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