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NFC: Re: Re: Fish shockers


Something happened to my cut and paste. So that no one sends me anymore HEY
BONEHEAD your email was wrong.. That is the correct address... for the fish

But the first page I listed had a search the site box where fish stunner can
be entered and get you to the same page.


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From: "Chris Guppenberger" <jcguppy at gnc_net>
To: <nfc at actwin_com>
Sent: Monday, December 25, 2000 4:10 PM
Subject: NFC: Re: Fish shockers

> Go check out a place called Information Unlimited they have all kinda
> plans.... electronic stuff and they do have a fish shocker tested and
> to go. Inexpensive compared to the big time commercial models, they also
> sell the plans as well.....
> http://www.amazing1.com/   Homepage
> http://www.amazing1.com/  Fish stunner page
> Chris
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> Sent: Monday, December 25, 2000 12:19 AM
> Subject: NFC: Fish shockers
> >     I almost went collecting this past weekend with a guy with a fish
> shocker
> > and scientific permit, but it was too cold.  It got me thinking about
> > shockers though.  Would one of these devices be a useful tool for my
> > ponds?  For instance, could I keep both warm water and local fish in my
> > ponds, then quickly and easily pull the warm water fish out in October
> > without draining the pond?
> >     Also, could a person rid a shallow pond, say 1000 sq. feet, of
> gambusia
> > to restock with something else or just leave to the amphibians?  If one
> could
> > get all of the fish with a few episodes of shocking, it might be less
> > disturbing to the pond than poison.  I suppose rotenone would be the
> poison
> > of choice, but I would have to do reseach on what else it kills, how
> > expensive it is, and if it is even available to me.
> >     If a shocker would be useful to me, can anyone tell me how to get
> plans
> > to build one?  I might not even need plans if someone can tell me what
> > voltage they run at and how many amps I need to be able to deliver.  I
> found
> > no active sites after a search for "fish shockers".
> >     NOTE- I realize these devices are illegal for use on waters subject
> > fishing regulations.  I would use it only on my own and my parent's farm
> > ponds.
> >     Thanks for any input.
> >     Pierre Gagne
> >     Kensington, MD
> >