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NFC: Fw: Dump the Pumps! Save Mississippi Delta wetlands!

Dump the Pumps! Save Mississippi Delta wetlands!
DEADLINE: December 8, 2000 

Visit http://www.dumpthepumps.org to make your voice heard today.

We need your help to stop a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project that 
will drain and damage more than 200,000 acres of wetlands in the 
Mississippi Delta. The Corps wants to spend $181 million of federal 
tax dollars to build the "Yazoo Pumps" that would be the world's 
largest water pumping plant just north of Vicksburg, Mississippi. The 
Corps is taking public comment on the Yazoo Pumps proposal until 
December 8, 2000. We need your help to stop this disastrous project.  

The Yazoo Pumps would drain wetlands so that agribusiness can reap 
the profits of growing more crops on marginal, flood-prone lands. 
Intensifying agriculture on these lands would benefit only large-
scale agribusiness in a region already facing a crisis from pesticide 
contamination. Virtually every agricultural field in the area is 
contaminated with the deadly pesticide DDT, despite the fact the 
chemical has been banned since 1972. 

Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt has called the Yazoo 
Backwater Pumping Plant the "most cockamamie" project of which he has 
ever heard.  EPA and the Fish and Wildlife Service have told the 
Corps that the project must not proceed. We need your help to tell 
the Corps that the public will no longer let the it get away with 
building projects that destroy entire ecosystems. 

http://www.freerangegraphics.com/clients/dumpthepumps/flash.html to 
see a promotional animation about the Yazoo Pumps. The site also 
links you to the DUMP THE PUMPS ACTION WEBSITE where you can send 
comments against the project to the Army Corps of Engineers, 
President Clinton, and Vice President Gore.

Or go directly to www.dumpthepumps.org and tell President Clinton, 
Vice President Gore, and the Army Corps of Engineers to DUMP THE 

Please forward this message to your members or other networks and 
allies, and ask them to join the campaign to Dump the Pumps.

Questions? Contact Kelly Miller at kmiller at amrivers_org

Thank you