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NFC: PVAS Auction

Hey Everyone.

I've just returned from the Potomac Valley Aquarium Societies major
auction, and figured I'd give a quick synopsis.  As usual, a great show
-- lots of different fishes, mostly freshwater tropicals.  A bit of
equipment made its way into the show, but sadly, much of that was a
little disappointing.  For the most part, it was heaters, air pumps,
lots and lots of power filters, and the like.  There were a few UV
Sterilizers and more interesting filters and such, but they were
snatched up very quickly at the auction. :)   The big showout was the
plants.  Not an incredibly huge selection, but more NIttelia and Java
Moss than you could shake a stick at.  Someone has been growing Anubias
like its dandelion.  Lots and lots of this went up for bids.  Killies
were also a big showout. 
A few people even had native fish on sale, Damnbusia, Pygmy Sunnies.  

NANFA made a bit of a show, too, with someone passing out a few
membership applications.  As planned, I talked a little about the NFC
and gave a few people a point to start off from.  One of the big
highlights, though, was getting to meet a few people from the DC area
interested in Natives.  Unfortunately, I missed two of the people who
had hoped to show out, but did get a chance to meet Pierre Gagne and
Henry Deforde.  

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