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Re: NFC: Nitrogen cycle

Thanks, Josh, for the help, when the time comes I will take your advice. I
should have many more questions in the future.
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> The article you read is ... off a bit.  Water changes should be done
> during the nitrogen cycle.  During the cycle, ammonia and nitrite levels
> will climb to rather high levels.  These can be stressfull, at best, on
> the fish.  Without water changes, you can't keep these at controlable
> levels.  Now, should you do very large changes ?  Probably not.   Never
> ever ever change more than 50% of the tank, except in an emrgency
> instance.  And, remember the dechlorinator. :)
> Doing water changes shouldn't have too much affect on the bacteria
> developing during the cycle.  Most of the bacteria that you see clouding
> the water aren't ones you want -- they're smelly anaerobes.  Throwing
> those out will help the cycle a little bit.  The bacteria you want are
> developing on the gravel and in the filter, for the most part.
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> >                                 I know I wont be getting my tank started
until after Santa, my wife, arrives with my aquarium; but I have a question
about the nitrogen cycle. My question is: should partial water changes be
done during the cycle. Most of what I have read on the net says yes, but I
did read one article that said no, so can anyone out there clear this up for
> >                                                                Thanks,
> >
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