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NFC: RE: PVAS Auction

> [snip]One of the big
> highlights, though, was getting to meet a few people from the DC area
> interested in Natives.  Unfortunately, I missed two of the people who
> had hoped to show out, but did get a chance to meet Pierre Gagne and
> Henry Deforde.

Josh, sorry to have missed you and Pierre. I left at 12:30. I had no idea
those things could last until 8 at night, consequently I hadn't prepared to
be away all day and had to get back. I did meet Henry -- he gave me some of
his Gambusia. It was mostly his native fish that were auctioned. I
prominently wore my "Go Native!" sticker. :)


Carlos R. (Chuck) Miró, In the Potomac Basin
The Native Fish Conservancy (http://www.nativefish.org)
DC Natives (http://www.egroups.com/group/PotomacAquaria)