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Re: NFC: Gainesville Mud collecting anf the fundulus we found

Sorry to hear fish collecting sucked.  I am still sorry I missed it but I
guess I don't feel as bad.  Sorry I didn't show up though.  Some family came
to town and I took them to the parade.  Still hope to get to go, but I think
it might be getting a little cold.  I can stand the cold if we can still
find fish, so don't count me out because of that.


robert a rice wrote:

> Well me and Doug Dame took a trip to Watermelon pond. With the current
> drought sadly it is no pond it is a swamp! We had to traverse a 50 plus
> yard mud flat (knee deep and more) to reach the 1-2 feet water with yes
> you guessed it knee deep mud. SO after an couple of hours of swamping we
> collected 20 or so fundulus linnelatus several hundred pounds of mud and
> a general feeling that poe springs would have been better.
> I'll allow Doug to wax on about our collecting prowess :)
> Robert Rice
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