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NFC: Re: Luxilus cardinalis

Well they are native to western Missouri, the adjoining part of oklahoma and
arkansas and there is a disjunct population in kansas.  They are really cool
fish... contact luke mcclurg who knows most about them

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From: "Joseph Eisenhart" <stonecreeklock at webtv_net>
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Sent: Friday, October 27, 2000 7:46 PM
Subject: NFC: Luxilus cardinalis

>      Hello to all, I'm researching this species aka  Cardinal Shiner
> with little or no success. Would greatly appreciate any info or
> suggestions where I might search for literature. Konrad has provided a
> photo in our gallery but I'm unable to find any further reference.
> Trying to determine if this is the 'redfin" we seined in Central
> Pennsylvania streams durring the 60's? Also hoping to obtain about a
> dozen for a split breeding group. Any leeds or info would be most
> welcome. TIA      Joe Eisenhart--State College, PA