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Re: NFC: RE: Moving Time....

I've moved a couple of times.  Personally I always empty my tanks--even the 
smallish ones--before trying to move them.  With the larger tanks, the glass 
sometimes can't handle the stress of being twisted & shoved around while 

My prefered technique is to syphon my tank water directly into large 
coolers, move the fish into the water in the coolers, & seal them shut.  For 
long trips (ones that have an overnight stay), I lift the lid & stick in a 
heater & aerator while I'm sleeping.  I've never lost a fish this way.

For the plants, I put them in either their own baggies with some tank water 
or their own cooler with tank water.

The gravel I place in 5 gallon buckets w/ lids (you can get these from 
grocery stores sometimes--the frosting comes in them).  I don't wash 
anything, this includes my out of tank filter if I'm using one!

As soon as I arrive, the fish get re-set up.  Because nothing is washed, the 
water is the same, you don't lose your biological filter or the plants' 

So far, it's worked great for me.  (except the time the dog tipped over one 
of the coolers...fortunately it was just plants & most made it)

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