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> Subject: Black Banded Sunfish
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> After many months of search for these hard to find fish. I acquired some
> through the NFC. I was extremely pleased and rushed to acclimate them to a
> 600 gallon holding pond.
> The pond was heavily planted with various types of native vegetation from
> common cat tails, pickerel weed, golden club, and bog bean. I supplemented
> the natural insect population by adding black worms and daphnia cultures to
> the pond at regular intervals. As the year progressed the plants grew
> rapidly and soon I was unable to see the fish. Not wanting to disturb them
> in the happenstance they were breeding. I chose to wait until August when I
> begin the systematic cleaning on the pond.
> Usually I begin by shutting the flow to the bio-filter and diverting it to
> the stream. I removed all the vegetation, rocks and support structure for
> the center plants. I was anxious to see how my guests had faired. After
> completely emptying the pond there were no Black banded sunfish to be found.
> Since the pond in actually in 4 stages, I proceeded to continue with the
> cleaning process. I have completed three of the four sections which leaves
> the main pool ( approximately 3500 gals. ). I sincerely hope the fish
> somehow found their way over the out falls of each section and are having
> the time of their life in the big pool.
> I will not be able to confirm this until next week, when I take it down for
> cleaning. I am curious what awaits me.
> A special thanks to those who have helped me acquire these fish.
> James R. Madej

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