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> He always had a perfect cast from hip deep water . Its
> hope for anyone to use a cast net . However , I
> heartily agree with Patric that elevation is an
> important factor . I myself have not tryed casting one
> from a bank or dock yet so there may be hope for my
> cast net . 

Ok today i took my wife my kid and my cast net and headed for my local crowded lake.... "Allatoona".
I had a fantastic day using it.
I caught Largemouth (1) and Spotted (5) bass,Channel cats (4),Longear Sunfish (1),Bluegills (15),Green sunfish (8),Warmouth (2),Gambusia(4),Gizzard shads (6) and Crappies (2) (no gars ;-(...)
It appears as i said before that the practice in the backyard has paid.I threw the net at least 30 times today taking breaks using the seine.I probably had only 3 lousy casts all day,i really surprised myself here.All the action comes from the hips and arms,the legs stand still.
Also the net doesn't appear to need to be fully open to be effective (50% is enough and 30% will still produce).
Maybe i can head to Columbia for the world championship
(and make a fool out of myself ;-).

Best regards


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