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     While in Columbia visiting a tropical fish
shipper many years ago I talked a fish collector into
taking me out to a stream to demonstrate his method .
     He wadded out to about hip deep and started
throwing a cast net . It was a totaly wrong time of
year and he didn't get much . Only now do I realize
what a spectacular demonstration of skill I had seen .
He always had a perfect cast from hip deep water . Its
no wonder he made a living from collecting . 
     Speaking of collecting - every village located on
water along the road seemed to have collectors from
four years old on up . They would dig holes in the
bank , fill the holes with water and use the holes to
store their catch . Once a week or so the shippers
would send out a truck and offer a few cents for the
catch . 
     Since this Collumbian collector usually had only
3 feet of elevation above the water there definatly is
hope for anyone to use a cast net . However , I
heartily agree with Patric that elevation is an
important factor . I myself have not tryed casting one
from a bank or dock yet so there may be hope for my
cast net . 


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