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      Aloha Patrick . 
 I too thought nothing should enter an unbaited minnow
trap until I forgot to bring bait and put the traps in
anyhow . They did OK .
      I've caught sculpins to topminnows in unbaited
traps . Just about everything has at least made an
appearance .
      My thoughts are that the funnel ends are a
critical aspect . As the fishes graze along they
stumble into the funnel and are herded into the
opening of the trap . Without the funnel shape I think
few fish would inter the trap with or without the bait
.The herding thing is especially true when the trap is
oriented up and down stream .
      During daylight most fish seem to see the trap
as a potentially dangerous object and don't get too
close if they can help it . At least this seems true
in clear water . At night the fish finds itself in the
funnel with the current edging it downstream twords
the opening and they go with the flow . Once in the
trap the reverse funnel herds them away from the
opening . I use bait if I am out for a day using
active collecting methods such as a kick net and want
the bonus of trapping but intend to take the traps
back out at the end of the day rather than leave them
overnight . I think the bait can then be a help in
overcoming the visual fear of the trap . If I were
specifically after some of the catfish tribe Id use
bait but just about anything may end up in an unbaited
trap overnight .

     D. MARTIN -- Its true . If there are any bream
around they like to use a minnow trap as a club house



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