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Hi Bill

Most of the time I set
> baitless traps . There are times when I use bait in a
> trap but ill get back to that .

Ok i am really curious here.I have read this several times about setting unbaited traps but for some reason i can't get myself to try it.
I am a big minnow trap user and bait them with either dry cat food or bread.The cat food tend to produce too many crawfish especially in shallow rocky creeks but it is still my number one bait.
 What do you catch in an unbaited trap and why would a fish enter it?

>      The curse of my Lone Ranger collecting gear has
> to be the cast net . I just was not cast in life to
> use a cast net . If YOU have the talent to use one
> they can be very productive . 

    I own one of these too,a six footer and i have to admit a pain in the butt to use.I have practiced extensively this spring and here are my conclusions.
The taller you are the better you will be at using a cast net,i am a short guy at 5'6 (Again once i asked a spanish guy at a local marina if he could show me how to use it and i got disgusted how well he could throw,he was about 5'4 so i have hope to get better). 
The longer you use it the worse your casts will get,their is a lot of weigh to manage,you have to take breaks maybe alternate seine and/or rods and cast net.
Practice,practice,practice....i have spend hours at times throwing on the grass in my backyard,trying different stuff and it pays.

One thing is certain,when used correctly as i can do for about 10 casts in a row on a good day, it is a great collecting device especially for bigger fish.I have litterally netted schools of adult Crappies while throwing at random in weeds,along with Bass,Sunfish,Topminnows,Shads(81 once in one throw) and Suckers as main collected species.

My 2 cents


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