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> From: CEFCHURCH at aol_com
> Subject: Help!  Adopt-A-Tank Problems
> I've been busy and have not been checking on my Adopt-A-Tank as much. It
> appears I have three problems:
> (1)  What I suspect may be blue-green algae.  It started a few month ago and
> has steadily gotten worse.  It appears to be sort of blue-green, almost
> turquoise and appears to infest the upper layers of Java Moss and another
> unknown suspended plant.  It is actually sort of attractive.  Sort of filmy
> looking.
> (2)  An unpleasant odor.  I have a pretty bad sense of smell and it is still
> very noticeable; not at all the rather pleasant smell of a healthy aquarium.
> (3)  One of the Southern Red Belly Dace has an eye which seems to be infected
> and clearly protruding from the eye socket.  I suspect it may be some sort of
> infection.
> I also suspect all these problems may be related.
> - 29 gallon with double fluorescent light
> - lots of natural but mostly indirect light
> - gravel substrate over a peat mat
> - lots of other plants which are doing very well and do not appear to be
> effected by
>   the unknown algae.
> - I had been doing regular water changes but have slacked off last two
> months;
>   librarian in charge of tank claims she has been doing water changes.
> - no plant fertilizer added in last three months; about three months ago, I
> buried
>   a little clay wrapped in newspaper near the roots of some of the rooted
> plants.  The
>   plants immediately started growing, but that was also when natural spring
> sunshine
>   increased.
> - fish are three SRBD, assorted minnows and one darter; except for one eye
>   problem, all fish appear healthy and no casualties for several months.
> They are fed
>   quality flake food and get daphnia and mosquito larvae once or twice a week.
> - removed most of Java Moss and other suspended plants.
> - 50% water change, including vacuuming some of the gravel.
> - cleaned all algae off glass, cleaned out filters in outside filter.
> Any help appreciated!
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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