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Re: NFC: Longear Growth Rate?

In my short 3 year experience with longears---the size of the tank does
matter.  A 10 gal will stunt their growth.  But this also can have it's good side as lepomis require alot of room as far as I'm concerned.
If you put it in something bigger---I think you will be suprised on 
how fast they grow.  I observed this spring that one of my Kansas longears grew tremendously in just a couple of months. I figure this
was in preparation for spawning.  He ate very little all winter and
then---BAM!!! he couldn't get enough to eat and he surpased an older,
bigger longear that was in the tank with him and then killed him. It
was almost like you could see him growing before your eyes!!!

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From: Anthony Andrew <heavymetal99 at excite_com>
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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 16:06:57 -0700 (PDT)

>I've had a small longear sunnie since late last year, and it has only grown
>about 1/2 an inch since then (it is now about 2" long). It's in its own 10
>gal tank, water quality has been good since the tank first cycled, and the
>fish eats better than I do (relatively speaking), being fed TetraMin,
>freeze-dried tubifex, frozen brine shrimp, and any small creepy-crawlies I
>manage to get a hold of.
>Is it odd that the fish is growing so slowly? I had a bluegill that grew
>much faster, which makes me wonder about the longear.
>Tony Gustafson
>DeKalb, IL
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