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Re: NFC: Longear Growth Rate?

On Sat, 10 Jun 2000 07:25:53 -0500, nfc at actwin_com wrote:

>  In my short 3 year experience with longears---the size of the tank does
>  matter.  A 10 gal will stunt their growth.  But this also can have it's
good side as lepomis require alot of room as far as I'm concerned.
>  If you put it in something bigger---I think you will be suprised on 
>  how fast they grow.

Well, my longear is set to move into his own 37 gal tank very soon. I'm not
really concerned with getting him to grow fast, but was just wondering if it
was odd that he wasn't doing so. It'll be interesting to see if the change
in tank size affects his growth rate any.

> Maybe everything just grows biggeer in Texas!!! he hehe 

Actually, my slow-growing fish hails from Texas ;)

Tony Gustafson

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