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NFC: Re: Crystal Darter Stuff

The Fla. Fish & Wildlife Commission will fund a project this year on the
River Red Horse, Crystal Darter,
and Cypress Minnow.

John Laurent
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Date: Sunday, May 07, 2000 12:56 PM
Subject: NFC: Crystal Darter Stuff

>Press Release: April 28th 2000- The NFC has taken up full funding of Ray
>Katula's Crystal Darter (Crystallaria asprella) breeding project. Ray is
>an excellent amature in the field of life history work and breeding
>techniques on unusual fishes. He has breed and reared over 100 native
>species. His results will be made public on the NFC website at
>www.nativefish.org .
>The Crystal darter is a large deep rivers Darter with virtually nothing
>known about its life History. Ths Project will help fill in the life
>history gaps and allow the species to be better known. If you have any
>questions about this project please contact the NFC president at
>president at nativefish_org
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