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Re: NFC: Breeders program needs some help

Robert et. al. I am new to the Breeder's program. I was sent two Redfin
Pickerel's and one died, so all I have is one fish. Not much going on as
far as breeding goes, so nothing to report, other then the fish is doing
fine. Someone mentioned that the people in the breeder's program are
volunteer's and that the program was not self-sufficient. I had to join the
breeder's program and pay a $10 membership fee. While I understand that a
simple $10 fee will probably not fund the program it should help to offset
some of the costs of shipping the fish. If not then there could be
additional fee's to help cover shipping charges. What happens to those
membership fees? Do they go to reimburse the folks shipping out the fish or
are they lumped in with the other NFC funds? Also, there do not appear to
be any clear goals set up. What really is the purpose of the Breeder's
Program? Until we can clearly outline specific goals the program will tend
to flounder about (pun not intended). Just my rambling $.02 worth.