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Re: NFC: Breeders program needs some help


When I move this Sunday (not two days from now, nine days from now. :) 
I'll have the facility to set up some serious native aquaria. 
I'd love to recieve some fish and get to work trying to breed them.

robert a rice wrote:
> What we need is a crop of serious breeders to take this program by the
> horns...I can supply unique fish and some administrative help aNE WE HAVE
> SOME START UP MONEY. but do not have the time to babysit the BP. So
> breeders speak up or forever hold your peace :)
> Robert Rice
> Save those Fishes
> Join the Native Fish Conservancy
> http://www.nativefish.org
> On Wed, 26 Apr 2000 20:11:44 -0400 (EDT) killieboy at webtv_net (Ray Suydam)
> writes:
> > Gee Robert,
> >                    No wonder I was given a half-hearted response
> > when
> > inquiring on joining the breeders program recently.
> >    I not one response from all those people? What a shame.
> >     No one should have to eat the cost of shipping.
> >     Sell me breeders, I will pay shipping,     and keep program
> > leaders
> > posted. And if I should fail, I`ll tell you that too.
> > Ray
> >
> > Port Jefferson
> > Long Island, NY
> >
> >  <*)))><\ ~~~~~~
> > AKA #07726
> > Long Island Aquarium Society
> > Come join us! Meetings 3rd Friday each month @ Holtsville Zoo and
> > Ecology Center,
> > Buckly Rd. Holtsville L.I. NY
> > Contact raysuy at webtv_net
> > http:members.xoom.com/liaquasoc/
> >
> Robert Rice
> Save those Fishes
> Join the Native Fish Conservancy
> http://www.nativefish.org
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