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NFC: Stupid Me.

I never said when my mini-auction ended, did I? :)
I'll end it at WEDNESDAY 12 PM NOON, EST. That'll give me plenty of time
to go out and colelct and ship everyone's plants.

Today, I found a wonderful new collecting spot, full of lots of bright
green plants and wood frogs. :)  One of these plants is atype I haven't
seen before, and appears to have small yellow flowers on it right now. 
A really beautiful, light green plant with feathery leaves.  

You all know you want them. :)

These are the bids so far:

Gay -- 15. 
Charles Anderton-- 15
Sajjad -- 15 

Dave Hall -- 20

Dave Hall is winning, and Gay Hemsath got the earliest 15$ bid in.  As
it stands now, the plants will go to them.

Joshua L. Wiegert
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