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NFC: Re: Auction

To have Josh go out into the cold for plants is worth $20 to me.

Evil lurker ... Dave Hall
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From: Joshua L. Wiegert <Wiegerj at paul_paulsmiths.edu>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 6:34 PM
Subject: NFC: Auction

> Hey Everyone
> As many of you know, I'll be leaving Paul Smith's on Sunday, 7 May
> 2000.  Therefore, next week is my last opportunity to do any collecting
> in the region, whether thats for plants, fish, or whatever.
> Therefore, we are auctioning off two lots of _One Day's Collecting of
> Plants by Yours Truly._ Plants to be included include Anacharais (Elodea
> canadiens), Val., Angel Hair Grass, Nuphar Lillies, Crinum, and numerous
> others.  Bound to be enough to fill out a tank!  I shipped Charles
> Anderson a lot of plants last year.
> Yes, its still snowing, still cold out -- this is your chance to win a
> full day of your evil list admin wading in freezing cold water to get
> you a box of plants! :)
> Starting Bids are:  15$.
> Available Lots:  2.
> Josh.
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