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Re: NFC: RE: Articles - ?

the site below includes the old article index wich nas many more articles
so they are on the site,,,seem to just be hidden in our current format.

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000 08:41:35 -0400 "Paul Sachs" <deano at leading_net>
> All items in the articles folder are listed here by file name :
> http://www.nativefish.org/Articles/articleindex.html
> For comparison purposes, all pics in the folder are also included.  
> Some
> pics are pulled from the gallery, but others, as you will see are in 
> the
> article folder.
> As I said over the phone, I can say what is there, but not what is 
> NOT there
> :)
> Also, I'll do the same thing for the tmp file which holds tmps of 
> all the
> articles when I get a chance.  I have not determined if there's a
> discrepancy.  For Robert and Konrad (and any other authorized 
> persons) you
> can get WS_FTP to take a look at them in FTP format - download the 
> program
> from:
> http://www.aquaculturestore.com/download/ws_ftp32(2).zip
> You will need to have a zip extractor program like WinZip to open 
> it.
> I find this program to be a bit more straight forward than most 
> "Mickey
> soft" or proprietary FTP programs....
> Paul

Robert Rice
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