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NFC: Re: Breeders Program needs...

James and Josh... I do appreciate your input and wouldnt mind seeing some of
the ideas put into effect but I would like to remind everyone that there IS
a charge for first time membership in the Breeder's Program... The extra
$10.00 that each new member pays is *supposed* to help defer the costs of
shipping and such from the supplier. Where the problem lies is not in
getting money for the program but in getting FEEDBACK & INformation about
what these new members are doing. I agree with Robert that it is very tiring
and frustrating to try to locate and deliver fish for people that wont even
send an e-mail saying their fish died !!  I have worked with several of our
members that wanted certtain fish species and do all I can to see that they
get the fish they want ... And yes, sometimes I fail in getting what
everyone wants but I am still TRYING.. If we as Breeders can get information
out to others about the fish we are trying to breed, then we CAN become
self-sufficient and draw more people and resources from all over.
I think the main problem lies in the rules and the way we come across to
prospective new Breeders. I would like to see some kind of True to Life
Application Form in which the individual states what fish he has bred and
with what frequency and also have them sign a waiver of some kind stating
they will be responsible for a quarterly report of some kind....Or be billed
for full payment of the fish they recieve....
Just my thoughts and now I step down off the box...  :O)
Have a nice day All,
Charles Anderton