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NFC: collection location - slender madtom

     I collected the slender madtoms from Sugarloaf
Creek near Leadhill Arkansas in about 6 inches of
moderately fast water with rock bottom . I was after
Darters etc. with a kick net around 4 in the afternoon
. The Darters I wanted were visible in deeper water (
close to knee deep ) which I couldn't get at so I
settled for collecting the less colorful , small
immature darters in the shallower water . I noticed a
much larger fish than the darters scoot along bottom
and made a wild stab with the kick net . To my
surprise I netted a madtom . this was serendipitous in
the extream because I had wanted madtoms but with the
ban on using minnow traps sundown to sunup here I
didn't think I had much chance . I saw 2 more
squiggles go by and disappear under a pile of slightly
larger rocks in a depression a few inches deeper than
the surrounding creek bed . I secured my madtom and
went back to the rock pile , put the net downstream of
it , kicked upstream of the pile ( to cloud the water
and hide the net I hoped )and kicked into the rock
pile . Three of them were in my net . I collected 2
more and some darters .That was about a week ago .


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