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NFC: Re: Wheres RR...NFC needs help

Hi Robert, Glad to see you are back up and running for a while... I too had
some computer problems and I suppose that is the reason that the people that
got fish for the Breeder's Program havent been able to contact me or the NFC
about their progress... Seems that once we try and get them fish to work
with, they just kinda fall back into oblivion as far as reporting any kind
of progress or lack thereof. Would truly like to hear from the poeple that
we sent fish to in regards to whether they have had any luck in rearing them
and/or breeding them... Heck, I would just like to know whether they still
have them or not !!!! I am in the process of writing a short e-mail to the
NFC list letting everyone know what I have been doing and if everyone that
had BP fish would do the same thing, then we might get some feedback from
others that have been successful with certain fish.. Who knows, maybe, we
could come up with a tried and true method of breeding certain species !!
And on from there???....
Charles Anderton
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Subject: NFC: Wheres RR...NFC needs help

> Anyhow I expect things to be a bit calmer for the next few months and I
> would like to start working with some new volunteers. Our old faithfull
> crew is looking for some help. SO if folks want to see the NFC continue
> to grow in the depth and breadth of our programs please contact me or the
> NFC list.
> Robert Rice NFC prez
> ps. The NFC just recently fully funded Ray Katulas Crystal Darter work. A
> very exciting breeding project on this rare fish.
> pss. The NFC prez and some local volunteers just finished up some lake
> resoration here in gainesville and we have been asked by the audobon
> society to repeat our efforts on their property lakes....more details to
> come.
> psss....I just sent 6 articles with pics for FAMA to run. Seems I am back
> in favor :)
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