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Re: NFC: Trapping baits

Hey Ray.

I've found that almost anything works.  Once, I modified a trap to
float, and some of the styrofoam got into it.  I later removed the
floats, and ... the styrofoam peices inside worked as a great bait for
some fishes.  Other times, I've tried classics, such as cheeses and
bread, and they've worked well or not. 
Its really touch-and-go with what you try.  Different fish in different
systems will go for different things.  My best bit of advise is play
around with different things and see how you do.  
The classic baits are as follows:

Bread -- #1 choice,  lots of fish go for it.  It absorbs water well, the
fish can eat it, and in many systems, its a "natural" food for them
(i.e., they eat a lot of bread as is.)  Letting the bread stale seems to
work better, since it breaks up better.  But, then, you can't eat any. 

Cheese -- This is a top bait, and I've had moderate success with it. 
Don't use American Cheese -- it disolves in a few hours, and leaves you
baitless.  I thought my trap was being raided for the longest time. :)

Cold Cuts, Shrimp, etc.:  These meaty foods work really well for some
fish, but scare off others.  

Cat Food or Tuna:  These little cans work really well.  PUnch the lid
full of stuff, and there you go.  

My Secret ones are as follows:

Pizza Crust:  Pizza crust, with some cheese and sauce, combines the best
of most worlds.  It has no strong offensive odours, but has the bread
and cheese.  The tomato sauce puts a smell into the water which lures
fish in, too.  

Bread with Mustard:  I don't know why, but they go nuts for the mustard
smell on the bread. :)  Can you tell I once dropped half a sandwhich in
a trap? :)

Bread with Peanut Butter:  Was in a weird mood... it works. :)

  The top things you need to look for in selecting a bait for the trap
are colour of bait and smell.  Remember that some things smell bad and
scare off fish.  This depends on what the FISH think smells good or bad,
not on what you do.  

Ray Suydam wrote:
> Now that trapping season is here in the northeast,
> can anyone share their best trap bait
> secrets?
> Josh?
> Regards
> Ray
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> Long Island, NY
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