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NFC: Wheres RR...NFC needs help

Hello all,

As some of you may have noticed i have not been around the list much in
the last month. For several reasons.

1.My cpu failed and the replacement cpu has a quirkey motherboard and has
had to be reformatted 4 times this last week or so. A 2nd
new(reconditioned) HP is on the way...Uggghhh

2.My main job as a stock trader has been rather volitile of late
particuarly with the cpu probs.

3. Tax season ......no comment.

Anyhow I expect things to be a bit calmer for the next few months and I
would like to start working with some new volunteers. Our old faithfull
crew is looking for some help. SO if folks want to see the NFC continue
to grow in the depth and breadth of our programs please contact me or the
NFC list.

Robert Rice NFC prez

ps. The NFC just recently fully funded Ray Katulas Crystal Darter work. A
very exciting breeding project on this rare fish.

pss. The NFC prez and some local volunteers just finished up some lake
resoration here in gainesville and we have been asked by the audobon
society to repeat our efforts on their property lakes....more details to

psss....I just sent 6 articles with pics for FAMA to run. Seems I am back
in favor :)

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