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NFC: RE: crayfish tank

Crawdads will eat cat food (not recommended) and a great many other
things... flake food, shrimp pellets, fish,....

They do need places to hide... holes, piles of leaves :) Sticks, and so

The lay their eggs when the season is dry and the water levels lower, then
they burrow into the bank / bottom, and lay eggs.  The eggs hatch in the
hole (with water in it) and the babies come out when the water rises...
(standard formula for raising them is draining pond to low levels for

They will tear each other up normally if you put males in together, but I've
two males living together for several months.  If you put only females in
you will get a better community... Males have the larger set of claws...
there are also several other ways of distinguishing them, but I'd have to
grab my book and it's in the house :)


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I am set up a crayfish tank at a library branch.  Right now I have one large
one in a plain 10 gallon with some large gravel and a piece of slate if
he/she chooses to get out of the water.  Right now, the specimen seems to
hide in one corner.

Subjects I need help on:

- aquascaping for Crayfish

- food options (so far I know about shrimp pellets and fresh shrimp)

- water depth

- what happens when you put more than one in the tank.  What if I do to a 29
gallon tank?

- filtration

- general behavior of crayfish in a tank

- ideas about putting a female with eggs in he tank

- Anyhing else anyone can think of!

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA