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NFC: Re: crayfish tank

I used to raise crayfish in a 20 gallon long tank, my method of keeping them
from fighting was the following:

I housed over 20 crayfish of varying sizes by doing the following.

I used a fine gravel or sand substrate with no plants (crayfish cut them off
at the substrate level)

I then took a piece of 1" PVC pipe and cut it into 8" sections. I cut
approx. 5-10 pieces MORE than there were crayfish in the tank.

I then silicone them together side by side, and then stacked if necessary,
all facing the same direction.

Place in tank, and then watch as the crayfish each take a home.  They will
not fight amongst each other and it is easy to view them if you place all
the tubes facing the front of the tank.

-Christian Reynolds
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> I am set up a crayfish tank at a library branch.  Right now I have one
> one in a plain 10 gallon with some large gravel and a piece of slate if
> he/she chooses to get out of the water.  Right now, the specimen seems to
> hide in one corner.
> Subjects I need help on:
> - aquascaping for Crayfish
> - food options (so far I know about shrimp pellets and fresh shrimp)
> - water depth
> - what happens when you put more than one in the tank.  What if I do to a
> gallon tank?
> - filtration
> - general behavior of crayfish in a tank
> - ideas about putting a female with eggs in he tank
> - Anyhing else anyone can think of!
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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