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NFC: crayfish tank

I am set up a crayfish tank at a library branch.  Right now I have one large 
one in a plain 10 gallon with some large gravel and a piece of slate if 
he/she chooses to get out of the water.  Right now, the specimen seems to 
hide in one corner.  

Subjects I need help on:

- aquascaping for Crayfish

- food options (so far I know about shrimp pellets and fresh shrimp)

- water depth

- what happens when you put more than one in the tank.  What if I do to a 29 
gallon tank?

- filtration

- general behavior of crayfish in a tank

- ideas about putting a female with eggs in he tank

- Anyhing else anyone can think of!

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA