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Re: NFC: Re: Auction...

Hey Charles.
I like your idea about the 10$ dues being added on . . . Seems like it
would accomplish all goals == increase membership AND awareness AND
raise money.


dakota wrote:
>      I would like to thank all who responded about the auction and the
> opinions expressed... All are noteworthy and deserve looking into so I will
> put in my two cents and whatever the general membership wants to do is fine
> with me...
>      Some of you may remember that we graciously accepted Mark Barnett's
> offer to put the auction on his FishLinkCentral website and he even put up a
> banner with our logo on it to advertise the auction... I didnt recieve one
> bid from a new person and while I am not saying that people didnt look, they
> didnt buy either...<G>
>      I contacted E-bay about doing our auctions there and we didnt have the
> volume I guess that they were looking for... I would have had to post each
> item separately and would have been a large hassle on my part.
>      I would be willing to try the new website at Aqua.bid but I do agree
> with some of you about the numbers being better suited for winning if we
> kept it on our site. This is however NOT our goal... MY goal for these
> auctions are two fold... ONE to raise awareness for our organization and TWO
> to raise money for it !!
>      I think we should try the Aqua.bid site and offer the auction to
> MEMBERS only.... Anyone could bid on an item but if you are not a current
> member then the $10.00 dues would be acessed onto the bid for any item. What
> this simply means is we raise awareness for the NFC while at the same time
> draw new members if they desire to have the items up for bid. They will be
> instructed that if they are the high bidder and NOT a member of the NFC then
> a $10 fee will be added to the price of the item....
>      As I said before, I am only a dues paying member like everyone else and
> whatever ALL decide is fine with me.
> Sorry for the long winded diatribe ... now I will sit back and count  <G>
> Charles Anderton
> Auction Adminstrator
> Ft. Worth, Tex.

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