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NFC: RE: Re: Auction...

REPONSE #234598 - 91, article B To: Charles SubJecT:  aTTaBoY!!!
Would be good to advertise a link to that auction site on our site
encouraging the same - perhaps banner... is a good plan Charles, good
thoughts!  With a little planning it may do us all justice :) I vote Yeah.


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     I would like to thank all who responded about the auction and the
opinions expressed... All are noteworthy and deserve looking into so I will
put in my two cents and whatever the general membership wants to do is fine
with me...
     Some of you may remember that we graciously accepted Mark Barnett's
offer to put the auction on his FishLinkCentral website and he even put up a
banner with our logo on it to advertise the auction... I didnt recieve one
bid from a new person and while I am not saying that people didnt look, they
didnt buy either...<G>
     I contacted E-bay about doing our auctions there and we didnt have the
volume I guess that they were looking for... I would have had to post each
item separately and would have been a large hassle on my part.
     I would be willing to try the new website at Aqua.bid but I do agree
with some of you about the numbers being better suited for winning if we
kept it on our site. This is however NOT our goal... MY goal for these
auctions are two fold... ONE to raise awareness for our organization and TWO
to raise money for it !!
     I think we should try the Aqua.bid site and offer the auction to
MEMBERS only.... Anyone could bid on an item but if you are not a current
member then the $10.00 dues would be acessed onto the bid for any item. What
this simply means is we raise awareness for the NFC while at the same time
draw new members if they desire to have the items up for bid. They will be
instructed that if they are the high bidder and NOT a member of the NFC then
a $10 fee will be added to the price of the item....
     As I said before, I am only a dues paying member like everyone else and
whatever ALL decide is fine with me.
Sorry for the long winded diatribe ... now I will sit back and count  <G>
Charles Anderton
Auction Adminstrator
Ft. Worth, Tex.