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Re: NFC: RE: Re: Auction..

Then one of the benefits of paying our yearly dues would be the auction.
We'll help out by (sometimes over)bidding on stuff that comes up.  With last
auction I had fun out bidding a fellow member and I paid almost twice as
much for a filter then what I could have gotten it through the local fish
farmer's co-op, which I'am a member and also the price I paid was more then
most catalogs, but it was fun and for our cause, and I'll do it again. I've
seen other auctions that get false bits and more.  The other auction site
mentioned tonight is tied into the Fish Link system, have they mentioned us
or given a link to the NFC site?  (I maybe wrong, but I went surfing tonight
and didn't find one.)  Next it will be to open up this list to anyone, then
we'll have to help out with someone's guppy frys not eating or lighting
problems too.  Maybe I should shut up and go to bed, 4 AM comes early every
(duty) day and it's getting late.   Just my thoughts before bed.  JiM C.
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Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 8:19 PM
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Quoth Sajjad Lateef regarding Re: NFC: RE: Re: Auction..:

>  I agree.
>  Many visitors to the website are simply casual visitors and
> nothing more. However, if people actually have to join the listserv,
> then they would be tempted to become a member of the NFC. The NFC
> auctions should be limited to members only. I see it as a benefit of
> membership.

BUT, if the goal is to raise money (I know RR is generous, but I think
he's been pretty much funding things by himself), then the more
bidders, the more money!


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