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NFC: Re: off topic: turtle catching in January

I assume you are talking about snapping turtles (I'm unaware if there are
other 'soup species').  You may have a tough time finding one this time of
the year.  They spend the winter out of the water, usually in a moist burrow
(like a muskrat den), underneath debris, or wherever they can escape the
frost.  Either way, you're probably going to need a good shovel.  When
dragging the beast out of his nest, he won't be very happy to see you, but
he will hopefully be too groggy to put up much of a fight.  Just remember
that the only safe handle on a snapper is his tail (and even that's not very
safe).  Hold him away from your body while carrying him - and watch the
claws on the hind legs!  I don't know about preparation or cleaning, but
I've heard that people cut the head off and hang them by the tail to drain
the blood.  Kosher???

Personally, I'd stick with chicken noodle or vegetable-beef.

Christian C. Burke
cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net

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>   I have been given the assignment to provide fresh turtle for soup next
> month.  Any ideas on where to find and how to catch them this time of the
> year?  Recipes even?
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana

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